Workshop 2

17 and 18 September 2009 at Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics in Stockholm

The second workshop will turn attention to impacts of change and strategies for mitigation and adaptation.
Harvest control rules, including precautionary approach and ecosystem based management in the light of climatic change are central to this.


From the second FimaGlow workshop.
(photo: Eirik Mikkelsen)


1200    Welcome and lunch. 

1300    Session 1. Overview

1415    Session 2. Reports from on-going projects
1700    End day one 

Friday 18 September

0900    Session 3. Casting a wider net - climate change and integrated assessments
  • Thorsten Blenckner: The HELCOM/ ICES integrated assessment for the Baltic Sea
  • Alf Håkon Hoel: The Arctic Council Best Practices in Ecosystems Based Oceans Management Project 
  • Anne-Sophie Crepin: The Arctic Tipping Points Project  

1100    Session 4. Where do we go from here?

1400    Conclusion and lunch 
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