Status report 2008

The project idea is to initiate a process in the Nordic community of fisheries scientists in order to identify and prepare a common Nordic initiative on a larger interdisciplinary research programme addressing fisheries management in the Arctic under climatic change. 

The basis for the work will be the fisheries chapter of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA 2005), where a number of climate-related challenges to the fisheries sector where identified, including changes in migration patterns and in-migration of new species from southern latitudes. A prominent finding in the ACIA report was the need to ensure that resource management regimes are robust and well-functioning.

  • Project year 2008 was intended to include one workshop. The workshop has been delayed and will take place in Tromsø March 2009. The second work shop will be arranged in another Nordic country during fall 2009.
  • A web site for the FIMAGLOW programme has been set up and is available at the URL . The web site includes programme information and a tentative programme for the first workshop.
  • MaReMa Centre at Norwegian College of Fishery Science is organising the programme, Alf Håkon Hoel and Arne Eide being the project managers.
  • As the two FIMAGLOW workshops both are planned to take place in 2009, most of the programme expenses will be in this year.